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About Nuñez Enterprise

Nuñez Enterprise is an education consulting organization. We assist schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, and corporations with presentations, trainings, content development, project management, and assessment. From multicultural competency training, to career development, to college readiness, Nuñez Enterprise will work with your budget to get you results.


To learn more about Nuñez Enterprise, check out the following:

Consultant Bio- Meet Dr. Roland Nuñez, university administrator and education consultant.

Publications- Read the full list of Dr. Nuñez' peer-reviewed publications and creative projects, with links to download for free.

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In his virtual visit to BMCC, Dr. Roland Nuñez provided a thoughtful and dynamic presentation grounded in the literature while centering Latino perspectives and lived experiences. He offered ample opportunity for faculty and staff to discuss and reflect on identity labels. He further invited us to consider our students' perspectives on terms such as Hispanic, Latino/a/x, Latine, and more. Ultimately, Dr. Nuñez guided our group through a conversation on the nature of these labels, which can often mask incredibly rich and complex identities. He provided a backdrop for us to think about how these limitations may be operative our processes, policies and services, where the simple act of filling out a form can enact an erasure. This helped to reveal the means through which our campus can convey, in both subtle and overt ways, a sense of welcome, or a signal that students don't belong.  Perhaps most valuable was that Dr. Nuñez did not come to the table as the expert with "the answer." Rather, he acknowledged that answers live in the local and the interpersonal, and are always subject to change. To this end, he encouraged us to talk with each other, to learn from our students, and to acknowledge and address missteps if and as they occur. Above all, he encouraged us to keep the conversation going, and thanks to him, we are doing just that. 

~ Tiffany James, Borough of Manhattan Community College

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