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Dr Roland Nuñez has an extensive publication history, both peer-reviewed and creative projects. Skip down to the type of publications you want to see:

 All peer-reviewed publications are free to download and use. If you have any questions about any of the publications, or would like Dr. Nuñez to give a talk or facilitate a discussion on any of the topics, schedule a free consultation below.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Below you will find the peer-reviewed publication history for Roland Nuñez.

College socialization through fiction: A Q Methodology study on the anticipatory socialization of first-generation students
(Nuñez, 2022)

This study aims to understand how prospective first-generation college students develop their perceptions of college engagement before college attendance through secondary sources. A group of high school students were assigned to read a college-themed mystery novel and rank a series of statements relating to college engagement before and after the activity. Viewpoints of college engagement shifted from a solely academic focus to a more holistic focus after reading the novel. Enjoyment and relatability of the novel were major factors contributing to the shift in viewpoints. Findings suggest that college preparation programs need to expand beyond academics to include social and emotional components through engaging mediums. DOWNLOAD

One University: An interdepartmental collaboration model to enhance online student engagement
(Nuñez, 2021)

As higher education institutions see the increased enrollment of online students, the services they provide must adapt to meet their needs. This chapter presents an in-depth case study of the steps that one private American university took, following Kezar’s model (2005), to improve online student engagement. The first phase involved buy-in from leadership and creating a valid justification for the collaboration efforts. The second phase involved taking the first steps to create a culture of collaboration across the institution. The third phase involved the development of programs that continued collaboration efforts through various campuses and departments to create tangible products promoting student success. The institution focused more on the process of collaboration than the results in an effort to create a foundation that could outlast staff changes and restructuring of departments. Early results indicate a potential for other universities to examine their processes used for collaboration between colleges and departments. DOWNLOAD

Development and assessment strategies of educational entertainment media for learner-centered instruction in higher education
(Nuñez, 2020)


Advances in technology provide students with unprecedented access to media and entertainment. In an effort to transition to a learner-centered approach to instruction, higher education institutions are using educational entertainment media, or edutainment, to engage students in problem-solving and higher orders of thinking. This article reviews six principles in designing edutainment media and strategies for assessment. Edutainment program examples used in institutions and their assessments are provided. DOWNLOAD

College media in the classroom: An innovative approach to college preparation
(Nuñez, 2019)

College preparation programs are ubiquitous among secondary schools, ranging from bridge programs and summer camps to STEM competitions. High school students have many options in preparing for the academic pressures of higher education. However, an area often neglected in college preparation programs is the teaching of interpersonal customs and norms of university life. High school students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, may enter college with little to no understanding of the social and organizational expectations of being a college student. This study tests a college preparation approach that utilizes college-themed media as a way to educate students on college life that is unintimidating and enjoyable. Six high school students were presented with various forms of fictional college story plotlines, including a movie, two television shows, and a novel. Through observational data and semi-structured interviews, findings showed that the students identified some valuable personal lessons about what it means to be a college student after consuming the media. The findings suggest that incorporating college media into college preparation programs in high school may provide a more holistic college preparation experience by demystifying college stereotypes and relieving some of the pressures that high school students face about what is waiting for them in college. DOWNLOAD

College in the media: The relationship between repeated exposure and college expectations
(Nuñez, 2018)

Media consumption can influence viewer perceptions and attitudes. Recent research on media’s effect on college students has failed to address gender differences. Using Mere Repeated Exposure Theory (traditionally used in marketing research), this study aims to answer three research questions regarding college media consumption and college perceptions: What types of fictional college media do college students consume? How does college media consumption differ by gender? How does fictional college media consumption relate to perceived college expectations? Results suggest that college students who consume high amounts of fictional college media are more likely to have positive attitudes towards partying and socializing in college. High consumers of college media, however, do not believe that college media influences their college perceptions. Men are more likely to socialize in college and are more aware than women that college media influences their college perceptions. Women are more likely to believe that college is difficult regardless of media consumption. DOWNLOAD

Understanding the meaning-making process of Hispanic college students in their spiritual and religious development
(Nuñez & Foubert, 2015)

This study used narrative inquiry to understand what spirituality and religiosity meant to Hispanic students attending a large, Midwestern university in the United States. The study consisted of interviews with 10 Hispanic students who discussed their spiritual and religious beliefs from childhood through college. Findings supported current literature that spirituality increases and religiosity decreases during college. However, after an initial decline in religiosity during the first year of college, participants reported a noteworthy increase shortly after college began. Secondly, students’ spiritual and religious beliefs were closely tied to their family, supporting research on familial centrality in Hispanic culture. DOWNLOAD

Cirrus clouds and contrails: A comparative analysis
(Nuñez, 2014)

Cirrus clouds have been classified by height since studies on these clouds began. Unfortunately, this method of classification does not take into account condensation trails, or contrails. As a result, there is no consensus concerning whether contrails can be categorized as a type of cirrus cloud or are a different phenomenon altogether. Cirrus cloud formation differs from contrail formation, but other properties, such as their thickness and occurrence, are very similar. Although contrails usually disappear without significantly impacting the atmosphere, occasionally contrails may act as a generating mechanism for cirrus clouds. The nuclei used for cirrus clouds and contrails originate from different sources, but both phenomena go through similar freezing processes as they develop. Updating the current cloud classification model might allow contrails to be classified as cirrus clouds. Further studies are also needed in order to better understand the net radioactive properties of both contrails and cirrus clouds. DOWNLOAD


Creative Projects

Below you will find a list of creative projects and publications, including the script for DOORTAGS, a stageplay comedy that is FREE for you to download and use.

DOORTAGS: A comedy play script for a two-act play
(Nuñez, 2016)

DOORTAGS, a stageplay comedy, tells the story of four college students taken to Johnson Aviation Academy, the nation’s top military school, for a brand-new training program for Resident Advisors, or RAs. Fearing that RA training has become too soft, JAA hopes to mass-produce well-trained, well-disciplined RAs that are ready to tackle any challenge and handle its tougher student population.

An attempt to merge RA training with military training becomes a comedic mess when escape plans are drawn, trusts are broken, romantic mishaps occur, and a drunken captain’s nephew comes in for an untimely visit. Add to that the antics of the camp’s zany crew, including a crazy janitor with a past, a lunch lady with a secret, and a guard with an affinity for music, and the students will have a boot camp experience that they and their supervisors will never forget! All in all, the students learn that with a little maturing and some creative thinking, they may be able to become decent RAs yet! DOWNLOAD the script and use royalty-free! (Tip: Print in "booklet" mode; document is configured to print as a traditional script)

Halls of Ivy Study Guide: A Companion Workbook for College Preparation
Nuñez, 2022)

Ready to take the Halls of Ivy novel series to the next level? The Halls of Ivy Study Guide, part of the Halls of Ivy College Prep Program, gives readers a deeper look into the characters, story, and themes of the mystery drama created by author, professor, and university administrator Dr. Roland Nuñez. The workbook includes discussion questions and reflection activities used to analyze the college experience through the eyes of the Sun Valley University students. This edutainment curriculum is perfect for college prep courses, summer bridge programs, and book clubs, and can provide valuable college preparation for readers of any age. PURCHASE

Halls of Ivy Educator Guide: A Companion Workbook for College Preparation
(Nuñez, 2022)

The Halls of Ivy Educator Guide, part of the Halls of Ivy College Prep Program, includes instructions for educators to use a revolutionary new edutainment curriculum for college preparation. Combined with the Halls of Ivy mystery novel and the Halls of Ivy Study Guide, this program provides participants opportunities for discussion and reflection of the college experience as seen in the novel. Whereas most college prep programs focus on academic preparation for college, this program focuses on social and emotional preparation for college life. PURCHASE

Halls of Ivy: Vanguard
(Nuñez, 2022)

Vanguard is the final book in the Halls of Ivy series, promising readers a thrilling, action-packed conclusion that spreads throughout the globe! Sun Valley University has now achieved national attention due to its now-infamous crisis. This has put a target the backs of the students, faculty, and staff as the community-at-large attempts to shut SVU down. With everyone abandoning the sinking ship that is SVU, what can Cheyenne and the students do to save their beloved university?


Halls of Ivy: Trailblazer
(Nuñez, 2014)

The third year of the SVU students' college experience begins with a fire in the Applied Sciences building. The University Provost, Dr. Giles, tries to get to the bottom of it all, while trying to keep a turbulent university under control. As student protests start to get worse, it appears that SVU is ready to reach a breaking point. Not even Cheyenne can stop what is coming. PURCHASE

Halls of Ivy: Pathfinder
(Nuñez, 2013)

The sequel to Halls of Ivy takes the reader back into the world of Sun Valley University. The students, now in their second year, have a whole host of new challenges to overcome. Cheyenne Winters, now employed by the university, starts to see what happens behind the curtains as she falls right into the middle of a staff vs. faculty budget war. She needs to also be on the lookout for the sneaky university lawyer ready to cause trouble. PURCHASE

Halls of Ivy
(Nuñez, 2011)

The original novel that began the hit college mystery drama series! Halls of Ivy tells the story of doctoral student Cheyenne Winters as she visits Sun Valley University to complete her dissertation study. Her interviews with her students are interrupted by several suicides occurring throughout the campus. As she begins to investigate the suicides, she runs into a secretive administration, an angry detective, and a bunch of stressed out students trying to survive their first year of college. PURCHASE

Zippety Visits Prairie Town
(Nuñez & Nuñez, 2015)

This children's book was written by Roland Nuñez and illustrated by Jasmine Nuñez. It tells the story of Zippety the Zebra, who loses his way and ends up in Prairie Town. Using his smarts and ingenuity, he helps the village outsmart the town bully. The reading level for this book is second and third grade. PURCHASE ON AMAZON

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