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Consulting Services

Education Solutions for your Organization

Nuñez Enterprise provides consulting services for a variety of schools, nonprofits, and corporations. Areas of focus include multicultural/diversity trainings for those who work with Hispanic/Latine populations and first-generation college students, strategic planning for small organizations, statistical and qualitative assessment, career development programs, and college prep programs. Check out the peer-reviewed publications.


How I Can Help You

Trainings for working with Hispanic/Latine populations and clients

Trainings for working with first-generation college students

Strategic Plan development for your department

SWOT Analysis and Environmental Scanning

Quantitative and Mixed Methods assessment assistance

Career Development workshops and exercises

A unique, revolutionary college prep program

Hispanic/Latine Training

I offer two specialized training programs for schools, nonprofits, or corporations that regularly work with the Hispanic/Latine Population.

Hispanic or Latino is a training program that teaches participants appropriate use of the many words used to identify the population.

Mind the Tilde is a program that teaches about unique linguistic challenges for Hispanics, including language barriers, race/ethnicity identification, and acceptance of the ñ symbol in software, followed by strategies for support.

First-Generation Student Training

I offer two trainings for groups that regularly work with first-generation college students.

What is a first-gen student? This program identifies the many definitions of first-gen students, and how selecting the right definition for your organization can help boost their success.

Virtual engagement strategies for first-gen students tackles an increasingly-common problem as more institutions move into online education. The session covers strategies to ensure that first-gen students are not left behind.

Strategic Plan Development

Using years of experience developing strategic plans for educational institutions and municipal government, I can assist your department in creating a strategic plan of your own that can create departmental priorities tied to a shared vision and mission statement.

Strategic plan development will include a comprehensive environmental scan that will be used to create a SWOT Analysis, followed by development of strategic priorities and measurable objectives.

Career Development

I offer a unique career development program called More Money or More Time? The Career Priorities Program.


This one-hour program include hands-on activities that helps participants identify their personal career priorities, from salary, to commute time, to supervisor's personality.

It encourages participants to for more than pay and passion when determining their career path. They will have an opportunity to weigh various job-related variables to help them see what is important to them.

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How Does Nuñez Enterprise Consulting Work?


As an educator, I understand the challenges of doing more with less. Whether you need assistance in developing learning outcomes  for your new program, or simply want an engaging speaker to talk to your students about a relevant topic, I am available for both in-person and virtual trainings and presentations. I will work with any budget to find a solution the meets your needs.

My services are also available to corporations looking for diversity trainings. I can provide professional development opportunities for personnel who regularly work with Hispanic/Latine clientele. I can also help you create training plans, learning outcomes, and assessment for new educational programs you are creating.

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