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Now that Sun Valley University has become a national topic of interest, students and staff alike have abandoned ship as the college becomes a target for political fire. As the world takes sides on the students’ controversial battle to reform the university, their lives become endangered as the community’s protests become more violent.

With the university in danger of closing, Cheyenne Winters makes one last attempt to save Sun Valley University. Aided by the students who chose to remain, she faces SVU’s greatest threat: the university accreditation board. An untimely visit from President Lambrick complicates things further by revealing one final untold secret hidden in the walls of SVU.

The fourth and final book in the Halls of Ivy series brings the saga of Sun Valley University to its dramatic conclusion.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Sun Valley University is well-known for its prestige and quality education. Inside the campus gates, however, there lies a different story. Cheyenne Winters’ visit to Sun Valley University initiates a chain of events involving deceit, corruption, and betrayal, ultimately bringing the downfall of a once-pristine university. What is the crisis of Sun Valley University? Who is involved, and why is Cheyenne Winters on trial for it? Find out by reading the university thriller series “Halls of Ivy”.

The series mixes traditional mystery with a coming-of-age story for the various students who inhabit the university.

Halls of Ivy: Vanguard Paperback

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