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Please read the consent form below and click "Accept & Proceed" below to accept the consent form and continue to the study.

Please review the following statements about college. Using the provided grid, please drag and drop each statement card into the appropriate area based on whether it is most like how you think, or whether it is least like how you think. Each card can only go in one slot.

Before you begin to drag the statement cards, click on "next card" to review all 51 cards before dragging and dropping. Once you drag a card into a slot, it cannot be moved. If you make a mistake, just refresh the page and you will be able to start over again. The best strategy is to start with the extreme outside ends of the grid first (5, -5, 4, -4) and fill in the middle slots afterwards. Once you finish, the survey will give you one more opportunity to reset the grid in case you need to. If you are done, click submit.

Please note: This survey only works on a computer. If you do this on a phone, the drag and drop feature will not work. If you have any issues with the survey, please contact your Emerging Lakehawks Advisor or the survey creator at

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