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Learning Through Edutainment: A New Blog Series

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Welcome to College For The Win! This is a college interest blog that is here to talk about all things college! The posts in this blog are for everyone, from students, to parents, to teachers!

As education evolves at a faster rate each year, the methods of teaching have become varied and sometimes overwhelming. College For The Win wants to promote college success. To do this, the blog will be running a special series these next few weeks focused on edutainment. What is edutainment? And how can it be used as a tool for college preparation?

To answer these questions, I will be covering the following topics in their own blog posts:

  1. What is edutainment? The past, present, and future of this innovative framework

  2. How college media affects what students believe about college

  3. Edutainment in the classroom: What students are saying about college media

  4. Edutainment in the classroom: How a group of students became college-ready by reading a mystery novel

  5. Seven steps to starting your own edutainment program

These posts will release weekly, so check back in soon or subscribe to receive notification when the posts have been released!


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